This morning, The Journal News reported that Murphy’s Irish Restaurant, owned in part by Sen. Terrence Murphy, owes $117,000 in back taxes. In a statement, Matt Slater, chief of staff for Murphy, said the article contains “old news” and that the controversy can be chalked up to nothing more than a reporting error.

• To view Sen. Murphy’s disclosure forms, click here.

“Today’s ‘story’ is old news,” Slater wrote. “Almost a month ago, the Murphy family publicly acknowledged in the Daily Voice that their family restaurant exercised the legal option to pay their overdue taxes late with interest and penalties, a situation the restaurant’s business manager, Patrick Murphy, has confirmed multiple times.”

Slater continued:

“After the Senate’s ethics training session for senators last week, Sen. Murphy proactively approached the Legislative Ethics Commission to review his financial disclosure. The issue with Sen. Murphy’s disclosure report is that of form over substance.

The property in question was in fact listed, but in the wrong section, which was confirmed to the reporter by the bipartisan Legislative Ethics Commission. 

We apologize for the embarrassing situation and have already amended the report to list it properly. Sen. Murphy has submitted amendments that not only correct the mistake, but provide more information than is required, which further prove his commitment to an open and transparent government.”

The two Democrats publicly vying for the right to take on Murphy this fall, Andrew Falk and Debbie Carter Costello, each released a statement:

“If Terrence Murphy can’t be trusted to pay his business taxes how can we trust him with our own taxpayer money?” Falk wrote. “This is the same Terrence Murphy who called convicted former Senate leader Dean Skelos a ‘true gentleman’ after he was accused of corruption. The people of the Hudson Valley have a right to ethical and responsible elected officials. Terrence Murphy has shown over and over again that he lacks the judgment we need in our State Senator. It’s time for a change.”

Costello said the entire issue highlights the problem of a state senator having several sources of outside income.

“Hard working middle class people struggle to pay their bills. Senator Murphy thinks he is above the law and did not pay his tax bills since 2013,” the Cortlandt councilwoman wrote. “This type of corruption and abuse cannot be tolerated and is yet another example of why we need ethics reform. We must end the culture of corruption in Albany, a culture that Terrence Murphy has fully embraced. If elected Senator from the 40th District, I pledge that I will be a full-time senator, and not moonlight on the tax payers’ dime.”



  1. Anyone following Murphy and how he has thrown his support to the racist Trump? Murphy doing what he does best taking photos of himself with ppl at RNC Convention. Showing up for photo opportunities is all that Murphy does, and taking credit for other people’s work. No comment from his office on Murphy’s support for Trump.


    Really, can't make this up. Seems like Matt Slater is back to spinning the rhetoric for the Republicans who don't pay their taxes. Murphy is caught red handed lying. Maybe, he can have another fundraiser called, "a night with Dean Skelos" to raise money to pay his taxes. It's very unethical that he remains quite that his good friend Town Supervisor Michael Grace also doesn't pay his taxes. Voters beware Murphy is a big fraud.

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