The Hudson Avenue accident scene late in the afternoon of Saturday, May 27 (Photo: Kempter’s Fire Wire)

Westchester County has completed the accident reconstruction report for the May 27 Hudson Avenue crash in Peekskill that killed one and injured three, according to both the Peekskill Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office. However, it remains unclear as to when authorities will decide whether or not to press charges against the driver of the car, who witnesses said was going at a high rate of speed when she hit the four pedestrians. 

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“The accident reconstruction report regarding the May 27th Hudson Avenue accident to which you refer is with our office and is being reviewed,” DA Spokesman Robert Wolf said Monday.

Peekskill Chief of Police Eric Johansen received the report on Friday, Sept. 22, the same day he spoke with The Peekskill Post about the next steps in the investigation.

“I received the accident reconstruction report from the county today,” Johansen said. “Our department handled several portions of the investigation and the county did the reconstruction. These things are complex because there is a great deal of mathematic and scientific analysis that takes place. I can tell you, this accident reconstruction report is pretty complex. I read it over once today and it takes a good half hour just to read what is written, so you can appreciate how long it takes to write it. Something such as this takes time because the person who completed the report had many other responsibilities, along with completing the report. It was not the only thing he had on his plate.”

Johansen continued:

“As for where this goes from here, my detectives will sit down with the DA’s office and come to a determination as to whether or not charges will be filed. The hard part there is scheduling a time for everyone to sit in a room and make a determination.”

Shortly before 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 27, a car driven by Peekskill resident Maria Inga went out of control and crushed 69-year-old Zoila Zhingri to death, as she and three family members were walking on Hudson Avenue towards Washington Street.

Seventy one-year-old Jose Lalvay, Digna Lalvay Zhingri and her 2-year-old son, Darwin Duque, were taken from the accident scene to Westchester Medical Center. Duque, according to his cousin, Myriam Pauta, “won’t be the same little boy again.”

Residents on Washington Street and Hudson Avenue said county personnel was in the neighborhood attempting to piece things together in mid August.