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Peekskill, NY
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Who needs Manhattan when you've got Peekskill?

Peekskill has world-class restaurants, live theater and entertainment, beautiful water views and a fabulous art scene. You can enjoy Peekskill-brewed beers, tasty tacos, bangin’ bakeries and so much more. Some of these places are new and some are hidden gems, and it is our job to help showcase them.

Peekskill has over 24,000 people, over 2000 businesses and only 1 news site.
PeekskillPost.net: The authority on all things Peekskill.

With a user-friendly, mobile-responsive website, The Peekskill Post always has the reader in mind. We report and investigate the news in order to bring the highest quality of information to the residents of Peekskill and surrounding areas, because Peekskill deserves a platform that keeps businesses and residents up to date on what’s going on in the city. The Peekskill Post is that platform. When you read our articles, you can be sure that you are getting all the information given to us from all sides of an issue through our investigative and professional journalism.

We will help your business grow.

We offer a few different and effective opportunities for advertisers. Yes, we have display advertising but we also specialize in sponsored editorial content. We can feature your business in personalized way with a professional story package completed by our on-staff journalist, photographer and media manager. We improve business name recognition among our tens of thousands of monthly readers and we share just about every article with upwards of 11,000 people on social media. No one else locally can match that.

Unbeatable Advertising Opportunities

The Peekskill Post works with businesses to get exceptional results and grow opportunities. We offer a wide-array of marketing skills and possibilities so we can set advertising costs low in order to be the answer to any size business’ needs.

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