The scene on Route 9 early Sunday morning in Peekskill. (Photo: Kempter’s Fire Wire)

The sounds from a multi-vehicle collision on Route 9 early Sunday morning were so loud that nearby Peekskill residents, asleep in their beds, were awoken, with some running outside to find out what was going on.

The accident, which took place in the area of Route 9, southbound, between Hudson Avenue and Louisa Street, resulted in 10 injuries. According to Peekskill Volunteer Ambulance Corps Captain Tim Warn, some patients were transported to Westchester Medical Center as a precaution. There were no fatalities.

One of several Peekskill resident awakened by the sounds of the crash is Vince Landers Jr, who lives near the Bay Street overpass. Landers provided The Peekskill Post with two separate audio clips of the crash, as heard from his home.

At the 16 second mark of the first clip (below), the sound of the first collision is heard. Time stamp indicates collision at 4:10 a.m. This collision is between a pickup truck and small sedan. Two people in the pickup truck and one in the sedan.

At the 38 second mark of the second clip—at 4:15 a.m.—the horrific and MUCH louder sound of the second collision is heard. At the 1:17 mark, sounds from inside his house are heard as he rushes out the door, unaware where the two sounds originated. At the 1:30 mark, the voices of Landers and two of his neighbors can be heard as they ran outside, in the dark, shortly after 4:15 a.m.

Below, Landers recounts what he saw as he came upon the scene:

I live three houses from the overpass and the first collision woke me up. I didn’t hear anything after that, so I laid back down and then BAM! I immediately thought the two were related and was out my door in less than 45 seconds.

Once outside, I ran towards the Bay Street overpass and encountered my neighbor running back to his house to call 911. Once I was on the overpass, I looked down and saw the scene, which was pretty bad. What appeared to be a police SUV with emergency lights on was at the scene, perhaps already en route to report of the first collision.

The scene on Route 9 early Sunday morning in Peekskill. (Photo: Kempter’s Fire Wire)

Unsure how long it would be before additional help arrived, I made my way down to the scene, via stairway, to Old Bay, to South Street, to the Route 9 southbound entrance ramp. At this point, two police officers seemed to have been doing what they are trained to do and were taking control of the scene.

I spoke with the driver of the sedan. He said he was involved a collision with the driver of the pickup truck and that both vehicles came to rest along the center divider. The driver of the sedan said he got out of his vehicle to assist the driver and passenger of the pickup. The driver of the sedan said he looked up Route 9 behind where the accident first occurred and saw a vehicle traveling at high rate of speed. He was able to jump out of the way, just seconds before the third car plowed into the two involved in the previous collision. The force of the impact pushed the sedan into the right shoulder guardrail and pushed the pickup truck a substantial distance southward. Both occupants of the pickup were injured, but I’m unsure which collision it was a result of.

Miraculously, the driver of the sedan was not injured. There were multiple occupants in the third vehicle—a dark colored SUV—which appeared to be comprised of young women. There were many injuries.

The Peekskill Volunteer Ambulance Corps posted about the accident Sunday on its Facebook page:

MVA with Multiple Patients
This morning at approximately 0420 hours, Peekskill VAC was dispatched by 60 Control along with 35M3 and Peekskill Fire Department Rescue 134 to the area of Rt 9 Southbound between Hudson Ave and Louisa Street for an multiple vehicle MVA.

Upon dispatch 75B3 was en route with a full crew along with 7514/7505 and quickly arrived on scene. Once on scene it was determined that there were 10 total injuries and it was determined that three more Ambulances were needed to the scene. On second dispatch, 35Medic1, Peekskill VAC Ambulance 75B1 responded to the scene and 60 Control paged out Cortlandt VAC, Mohegan VAC and Yorktown Volunteer Ambulance Corps all for one ambulance each to the scene.

Cortlandt VAC Ambulance 88B3 responded to the scene as well as Yorktown VAC Ambulance 86B3. All patients were transported to area hospitals. While transporting to the hospitals Croton EMS had an ambulance stand by for the City of Peekskill for any additional calls in district. All units returned to service by 0615 hours.

Also operating on scene was Peekskill PD.

Just last night we were talking about coming home with a trophy. This morning everyone deserves one. We all worked together smoothly, like a well oiled machine, to ensure everyone was treated. We would like to thank the four other VACs for supporting us during a time of need. Thank you to all of our volunteers as well who answered the call!