Mayor Frank Catalina thanks supporters on election night 2015.

At the Oct. 25 candidate’s forum, a question was asked about Indian Point’s impending closure. Peekskill Mayor Frank Catalina said the following:

“As to Indian Point, nobody is upset that they’re closing. It’s a good thing that they’re closing. It’s a terrible thing that the site, we have not seen a plan to clean up that site and we may be stuck with the residue there for many years and many generations. I just wish that the people that pushed so hard for its closure thought about the damaging effects—the loss of revenues and the clean up—as hard as they thought about closing it down. But, it is a bridge we’ll have to all cross.”

Those words marked a stark contrast from what the mayor said when news of the closure was first announced. On Jan 7, Catalina said the following:

“I agree with Rob Astorino that it would be a total disaster for this area if Indian Point was shut down completely,” Catalina told The Peekskill Post. “I have heard nothing officially and pray this is not true. One would hope the governor has a contingency plan for this area to replace Entergy, but I doubt it.”

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