CNN contributor and former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (Photo courtesy of Darren Rigger)

Former New York City Council Speaker and MSNBC contributor Christine Quinn gave a blistering critique of Peekskill Mayor Frank Catalina Saturday during an event for the Democratic ticket.

While endorsing Councilman Andre Rainey for mayor, Quinn compared Catalina to President Trump, and the comparison was not meant as a compliment.

“We have one of the most divisive and disrespectful presidents and it’s a shame that Peekskill only has to log onto Facebook to see the same thing from the current mayor.  Andre and his team offer the city something it can be proud of: leadership that understands their first responsibility is to bring people together and unite a community. You only have to meet Andre one time to know he’s heads and shoulders better for Peekskill.”

Election day is Tuesday.

Common Council candidates Colin Smith and Vanessa Agudelo, former NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Councilman Andre Rainey, Common Council candidate Ramon Fernandez and Nancy Vann, candidate for county legislator.