Councilman Andre Rainey, who in just two short days will attempt to unseat Mayor Frank Catalina, says that he is in the process of paying money he owes in back taxes. The subject has become a campaign issue of sorts, as Catalina has hit Rainey on it several times, including in campaign literature.

“I owe back taxes with the State of New York that I have been paying off,” he said in a statement to The Peekskill Post Saturday night. “Essentially liens to repay taxes that I couldn’t afford years ago. These are the “warrants” that Frank has tried to frighten Peekskill about. But I find it ridiculous that a man who was brought up on fraud charges by the Orange County district attorney and admitted his guilt to cut a plea bargain to avoid 21 counts of fraud would dare to challenge anyone else over back taxes. Frank is the epitome of a hypocrite.”

Rainey is referring to legal trouble Catalina got into while running for mayor of Monroe in 1994. More on that subject can be found by clicking on the Related article linked below.

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