Councilwoman Kathie Talbot
Councilwoman Kathie Talbot

In response to remarks made by Peekskill’s Republican Mayor Frank Catalina during his Thursday afternoon press conference about Judge Melissa Loehr, a Democrat, Councilwoman Kathie Talbot, speaking on behalf of the Democrats on the Common Council, provided the following statement to The Peekskill Post:

Catalina’s statement
Catalina: Peekskill judge is anti-police, city will investigate allegations of ‘extra-judicial influences’

“Mayor Catalina continues to demonstrate locally, all that is wrong with politics nationally. Rather than unite the community in the face of this heinous crime, he seeks to sow division, pit people against each other, and as usual, turn everything into a political football.

Thankfully, there is a stark choice ahead for Peekskill residents this fall. They can re-elect a mayor who is a divider or a elect a hopeful mayor who is a uniter.”

Lucian Chalfen, the director of public information for New York State Unified Court System, also responded to the mayor’s remarks.

“Judge Loehr was appointed by the Peekskill Common Council as a representative of the third branch of government—the judiciary,” said Chalfen, speaking on Loehr’s behalf. “As such, she maintains the judicial independence that we expect from our state court system.” 

Loehr was confirmed by the Common Council last fall on a partisan vote.

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