Scott Stapp
Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp, the founding member of Creed, a band that was famous for such hits as “My Own Prison,” “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open,” is back on tour and will play “Live And Unplugged” Saturday night at Paramount Hudson Valley in Peekskill. 

As you can see below, he was kind enough to take a few minutes to tell us about the tour, his latest projects and his thoughts on a Creed reunion.

How’s life?
Life is good. Family is good—my wife Jaclyn and the kids are good. The shows are going well and things are really positive. Thanks for asking.

Tell us about the tour. 
I wanted to do something special to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Creed’s debut album My Own Prison and so I thought it would be an interesting thing to do something I haven’t done in almost 10 years and that is to play an acoustic show. Kind of a “Storyteller’s” with two acoustic guitars, drums and a base so it is a full band acoustic show and really just strip these songs down and present them in the manner that they were written and go through the entire Creed catalog. It gives it a different presentation and allows the vocal delivery and what I do as a singer to really come through with a different sonic texture and quality so it is very unique and the fans are really responding.

I do play quite a few songs off My Own Prison, but I also play the songs that the fans know and have let me know that they want to hear off the rest of my Creed albums. So it’s really just a celebration of that historic mark in my career and it’s a really cool, intimate vibe. We’ve got production to support the mood and vibe and a killer light show to really enhance the intimacy and the experience for the fans.

So you embrace your past with Creed and all of that success…
Oh, absolutely. I am so proud of what Creed accomplished and so proud of these songs and just blown away and amazed and so grateful that there are still Creed fans out there that want to come hear this music.

That was my next question—what has the reaction been like from the fans?
Oh, it has been great man. It has been great. We started off with a couple of sold out shows and the reaction has been wonderful and the fans have been excited about it.

Have you been to Peekskill and played The Paramount before?
Yes, I have and always had an amazing time there. It is a venue that I really enjoy and I have some family in the area so it is a good time every time we go there.

You have been open about your struggles with bi-polar disorder. What would your message be to someone who is struggling with it or who thinks they might have it?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get a good doctor and really embrace it and learn how to manage it because once you get it under control and managed you can live a healthy, productive life.

Has your struggle with bi-polar been reflected in your music?
In late March I put out an album—The Madness—with a new project I am working on called Art of Anarchy. In that album I really dove into a lot of that and shared my journey through song.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of a Creed reunion?
We are all very busy and involved in other projects right now and I can’t really say definitely but the communication is positive within the band and everyone is supportive of each other but who knows what the future holds on that.

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