Wilmer Suscal (Photo courtesy of PPD)

Peekskill police say two men were sent to the hospital with head injuries following a Sept. 24 altercation on Maple Avenue, in which they were assaulted with a baseball bat.

Wilmer Suscal, 33, of Montrose, was charged with two counts of felony assault after allegedly attacking a male with a baseball bat, according to Lt. John White of the Peekskill police. A second male was injured when he attempted to break up the fight.

“The residents up on Maple Avenue have a volleyball court and it appeared that there was a gathering around a game,” White said. “Alcohol appeared to be a factor, and the first indications to us point to an altercation between the suspect and the victim, with the second victim being injured when he attempted to break up the fight.”

White said it was not clear what the fight was about and that Suscal is out on $25,000 cash bail.

Injuries to the victims include, but are not limited to, a fractured orbital eye socket, lacerations and bleeding near the temple.

In the past, some Peekskill residents have taken to social media to express disapproval of volleyball games being played on residential properties. White addressed that complaint.

“Like at any type of gathering, sometimes music gets loud and parking can be a bit out of control, and when we get those types of calls we respond.”