To the editor:
Legislator Borgia (D-Ossining) held a press conference Friday at Indian Point promoting her Indian Point Jobs “resolution.” While a resolution is a nice gesture, as the majority leader, she knows that a resolution does not carry the force of a law.  A “resolution” is merely the Board of Legislators stating its position on an issue… not much different than proclaiming it Joe Girardi Day to honor his 10 years of managing the Yankees.

Where was Borgia for Cortlandt?
• On Jan. 6, when local government officials were blindsided by the news of the closure of Indian Point.
• On Feb. 24, when she moved to squash the county executive’s plan for a lawsuit against the state.
• On April 20, in her video rebuttal to the State of the County address, she made no mention of the Indian Point closure or its impacts on our community.
• On May 8, she voted against the action against New York State, Riverkeeper and Entergy for failing to file a SEQRA. Four-and-a-half months later, when she realized that she had an opponent who has made Indian Point priority No.1, and now, right before the election, she is political grandstanding.

Who doesn’t support protecting these workers who will soon be out of work? Everyone supports that. The only mechanism that has any teeth in it is the lawsuit filed against NYS, Riverkeeper and Entergy to force NYS to comply with SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act). Borgia voted “NO.”

SEQRA gives citizens, and all interested parties, an opportunity in a forum governed by law and the courts. It requires NYS to demonstrate how it will mitigate any adverse effects of the closure, including the economic impact of 1,000 laid off workers. Once findings and mitigation are made part of the record in a SEQRA, the state must follow it or the court will order them to do so.

I believe we deserve better from our government. If you agree, call Leg. Borgia at 914-995-2812, and tell her you demand an environmental impact statement on the closing of Indian Point! This will be my fight. This is my vow. I am a lifelong Cortlandt resident, and this is my priority.

Robert J. Outhouse
Candidate, Westchester County Legislator—District 9