PotholeIn a July 1 letter sent to Con Ed Public Affairs Manager Jane Solnick, Peekskill Mayor Frank Catalina demanded that the utility provide the city with a timetable denoting when city roads torn up as part of the recent gas line construction will be repaved. 

Catalina’s letter, in full, reads as follows:

Dear Ms. Solnick:
I am sure you are aware of the massive gas line replacement project currently underway in Peekskill. This letter will advise you that we have been pummeled with complaints for almost a year now regarding the condition of our roads. While we understand the magnitude and scope of this project, and, while we have been promised the roads would be completely repaved after the work was completed, that has not been the case in several areas of the city.
The common complaints of property damage (blown tires) have now developed into serious health and safety complaints (large potholes throwing cars out of control).
I realize the city manager and city engineer have been in communication with you, but this situation is nearly out of control and I cannot sit idly by until someone ‘gets around to it.’
Therefore, I am respectfully demanding your immediate response to the city manager and city engineer’s inquiries as to your timetable to repave those streets that have been excavated by Con Edison, within 10 days of this email communication.
Should we not receive a timely and responsive reply, I will direct the city attorney to draft the necessary documentation to declare the situation you have created, to constitute a State of Emergency in the affected areas and I will direct the city to repave the areas directly or through approved outside contractors, and seek reimbursement, voluntarily or through litigation, against Con Edison.
Please respond directly to the city manager but in the event you wish to discuss this matter with me directly, please contact me via cell phone. 
Please guide yourself accordingly.
Frank A. Catalina, Mayor