Through a third party, The Peekskill Post emailed Peekskill Mayor-elect Andre Rainey two questions Nov. 20. Those questions, followed by his answers, are below. Elected Peekskill’s next mayor last month, Rainey will be sworn in Jan. 1. There are two years remaining on his council term.

The individual who fills Rainey’s seat next month will be appointed by the six Democrats—Rainey, Kathie Talbot, Vivian McKenzie, Vanessa Agudelo, Ramon Fernandez and Colin Smith—on the new council.

What is the process to fill Andre’s soon-to-be-open council seat? Special election? Appointment? If so, has anybody been chosen?
“There is no vacancy right now and won’t be one until January 1.”

Peekskill Mayor-elect Andre Rainey announces transition team

Rainey’s fellow council member—Democrat Kathie Talbot— was a bit more forthcoming as to how the vacancy will be filled.

“It will be an appointment of the new council,” Talbot said via text. “[I don’t know yet] who it will be. I am sure everybody has somebody in mind.”

Can Andre address the rumor of his replacing the city manager with former Peekskill mayor Mary Foster? Is it true? If so, why? If not, where did the rumor come from? Just a campaign gimmick?
“There is no rumor that Mary Foster is going to be the city manager. That was a silly and unsubstantiated political gimmick put out by my opposition.”