Kiley Youth Center

Peekskill Chief of Police Eric Johansen confirmed last Friday that an investigation is ongoing into recent violence and vandalism at the Kiley Youth Center, which The Peekskill Post first reported on last Wednesday.

Sources: City investigating violence and vandalism at Kiley Center

“Yes, I will confirm that it is being investigated,” Johansen said.

However, he declined to elaborate any further.

A Friday afternoon phone call to City Manager Richard Leins, seeking comment on the matter, has not been returned.

According to two sources last week, a group of people illegally entered the Kiley Youth Center after hours, and while inside, a fight broke out and one of the basketball hoop backboards was shot out with a gun. Sources conflict as to whether it was an actual firearm or a BB gun.

Those same sources confirmed that City Manager Richard Leins was aware of the incident(s), as was the police department, and that an investigation was underway.

It is unclear if the group was admitted into the center by a city employee or if the employee was negligent in allowing his keys to be taken and then used by the group to enter the Kiley Center.