The following information was provided by the City of Peekskill:

Veterans Day Services will be conducted at Monument Park, located at the intersection of North Division Street and Highland Avenue, at 10 a.m. Saturday. The ceremony—organized by the City of Peekskill and American Legion, Captain Oliver John C. Chase, Post 274—honors all veterans and those serving in our military today. All citizens are urged to attend to show their gratitude for a country that has never lacked young men and women who were willing to place themselves in harm’s way.

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President George Washington said it so clearly when he spoke of the mettle of a country and the willingness of its citizens to serve in defense of country being dependent on the treatment of its veterans and families.

We urge every citizen to come to our services and join us in honoring and praying for all of our active and retired comrades and their families, and demanding they be properly equipped and supported in their missions and when they come home and need follow up care.