A Peekskill resident stabbed Wednesday afternoon is refusing to pursue charges against the individual suspected of committing the crime, even though he was sent to the hospital with injuries and police believe they apprehended the suspect.

“There was a stabbing this afternoon, in what we believe to be the vicinity of Nelson Avenue and Park Street,” Peekskill Chief of Police Eric Johansen told the Peekskill Post Wednesday evening. “The victim went into a nearby deli to ask them to call for help. His injuries were not considered to be life threatening and he was transported to the hospital.”

Johansen said that the victim and perpetrator—both young male adults residing in Peekskill, know one another.

“It is important to know that this most likely was not a random act,” he said. “The two individuals know one another and obviously have some sort of beef. The victim who got the worst end of the beef doesn’t want to go about the legal way of handling it. That’s frustrating and I don’t understand it. It is very difficult when you have a victim of a crime who refuses to cooperate. The fact that he doesn’t want to cooperate with the police investigation, especially since our officers were quick enough and intuitive enough to figure out who did it, is frustrating.”

The chief added that he does not think the victim’s reluctance to press charges has anything to do with residency requirements, as he believes both are naturally born citizens of the United States.

“I do not think residency status has anything to do with it, but I did see it posted on social media that these were students,” Johansen said. “I want to make it clear that these were adults.”