Emerald Peek Administrator Mark Badolato, Director of Rehabilitation Tom Cirrinicone, Director of Admissions Michelle D’Angiolollo and Community Liaison Ivy Banach with Amputee Walking School co-founders Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler

Emerald Peek Rehabilitation Center in Peekskill showcased its state-of-the art Amputee Walking School earlier this month, as amputees and rehabilitation therapists from around the area toured its five-star rehabilitation gym and learned about the services the center provides for amputees.

“Here at Emerald Peek, we see all kinds of diagnoses—medical, orthopedic—and now, an increasing amount of amputees,” explained Director of Rehabilitation Tom Cirrincione. “We have created a place where amputees work with trained professionals who know exactly what they are going through. Amputees can feel isolated, so we create a comfort level for them in terms of knowing the ins and outs of their diagnosis and offer the best resources available to the area’s vascular and diabetic communities.”

As part of that effort, Emerald Peek—a member of the CareRite Network—is partnering with amputees Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler. Paralympic gold medalists, Dennis and Todd have trained more than 20,000 amputees worldwide and educated more than 75,000 therapists in advanced gait training techniques for amputees. Established in 24 cities and 10 states around the country, the Amputee Walking School is an accredited CEU provider throughout New York State for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, and occupational therapist assistants.

Dennis and Todd will be on-site at Emerald Peek every few months to work with patients and staff, providing encouragement, motivation, and teaching new techniques.

“This is about strength training, progressing and walking,” said Todd. “We always say, the goal is to reach a point where waking up in the morning and putting on a prosthesis becomes second nature and you can do everything you want to do without even thinking about it. Be it inpatient program or outpatient, we work with our patients at each stage of their care. From before they become amputees until the end, we are there for them emotionally, mentally and, of course, physically. Mobility is essential to maintaining an independent lifestyle. In the event of an amputation, we are here to help you attain the highest level of mobility possible.”

“Todd and I interface with every patient that comes through here early on to help them come to accept their amputation,” Dennis said. “Then, they work daily with the therapists, each of whom is trained in two hours of didactics and skilled in rehab. We do the training program here each month to work with the amputees who are here. As for the amputees who are no longer patients here, Emerald Peek invites them back in order to give them the tools needed to continue their training at home and then come back each month to work further with us. Many folks cannot afford the copays for outpatient care. The staff here at Emerald Peek is absolutely wonderful.”

The next Amputee Walking School is scheduled for the evening of Dec. 18.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please call Community Liaison Ivy Banach, L.M.S.W., at 914-737-8400. You can visit Emerald Peek online at emeraldpeekrehab.com.

About Emerald Peek Rehabilitation Center
Built in 1964, the Emerald Peek has transformed from Peekskill’s premier provider of long-term care into Peekskill’s only five-star rehabilitation center. Emerald Peek is Partners with several local hospitals, including NYP-HVHC. Their in-house, full-time physician provides patients with five-star post-acute clinical care. Emerald Peek’s unique Care Management program ensures discharged patients have a successful transition home. Each patient is followed by the care management team from admission to discharge (including home visits), ensuring physician appointments are made and kept and home care needs are met. This one-of-a-kind program led Emerald Peek to be one of this year’s recipients of the Bronze National Quality Award. The Emerald Peek is dedicated to providing unprecedented levels of genuine care and customer service for our community’s rehabilitation and nursing needs.