Officer Matt Rivera is sworn in by Peekskill City Clerk Pamela Beach. (Photo: PPD)

The Peekskill Police Department welcome their newest officer, Matt Rivera, who happens to be a native of Peekskill.

Peekskill Police Department Chief of Police Eric Johansen had this to say about Rivera:

“Matt is a 30-year-old resident of Peekskill. He attended Westchester Community College where he received his associates degree. He will be attending the Westchester County Police Academy for the next five-and-a-half months, where he will receive instruction in the law, arrest procedures, defensive tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operation and numerous other topics. We are very excited to have Matt working with us, given the fact he is a long-time Peekskill resident, received one of the highest scores on the civil service entrance exam and is fluent in Spanish.

He is employed by the City of Peekskill during the time he spends an the academy, and is currently a police officer undergoing training at the academy. Once he graduates, he will go through a six- to eight- week field training program here in Peekskill, where he will be assigned to a field training officer.