Councilman Andre Rainey

At the Oct. 25 candidate’s forum, a question was asked about Indian Point’s impending closure. Councilman Andre Rainey, a Democrat running for mayor, said the following:

“It’s a sad situation with Indian Point. A lot of people don’t realize that Indian Point was built there before there was actual civilization here. They weren’t thinking for the future, and that’s one of the things that a lot of elected officials do now. We look at the present rather than the future. Indian Point was here years and years and years ago. The only civilization was in New York City and there wasn’t a Peekskill up here. There wasn’t a Montrose up here. So, I think it is very important that we look to the future.”

To clarify, Indian Point opened in 1962. As for Peekskill, it was first legally incorporated as a village in 1816 and was reactivated in 1826 when village elections took place. In 1849, the village was made part of the Town of Cortlandt in 1849. In 1940, Peekskill became its own city.

Montrose was also established well before the 1960s.

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