At 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 15 people plan to “sit-in” inside Senator Schumer’s Peekskill office to demand that the top Democrat in the United States Senate vote against the omnibus spending bill unless it includes a clean Dream Act. A press release from a group called Our Dream sent the following information to The Peekskill Post Monday afternoon:

Members of the Westchester community risk arrest in Schumer’s office, demanding that he pledges to vote against the omnibus spending bill unless it includes the Dream Act: Hundreds of people in over 30 states plan sit-ins demanding members of congress to include a clean Dream Act in the omnibus spending bill before the end of the year.

[President] Donald Trump repealed DACA, a program that offers protected status to undocumented youth, who came to the United States as children. If the clean Dream Act is not passed in the omnibus spending bill before the end of the year, over 800,000 undocumented young people will remain at risk of losing their protected status and being deported. Government funding expires on Dec. 8. Republicans cannot pass a new omnibus spending bill without Democratic votes. Over 30 Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Dick Durbin, and Keith Ellison and one Republican have pledged to vote against any spending bill that does not include a clean Dream Act.

Tuesday’s actions are part of a larger movement to fight for a clean Dream Act where immigrants brought to the United States as children are able to live, learn, work and pursue their dreams in the only country they’ve ever known as home.

The #OurDream campaign is a coalition effort led by undocumented youth that includes: The Seed Project, Our Revolution, Youth Caucus of America, Democracy Spring, Progressive Democrats of America, Justice Democrats,, Good Jobs Nation, Millennials for Revolution, Undocumented, Students for Education Equity, Democratic Socialists of America (NYC), The People’s Consortium for Economic and Human Rights, Inc., Working Families Party, People for Bernie, Women’s March, Common, Defense PAC/Vets Against Hate, Action Group Network, Million Hoodies.

Sen. Schumer’s office is located at 1 Park Pl. (No. 100) in Peekskill.