Last month, Councilman Andre Rainey transformed what was to be a political fundraiser for his mayoral campaign into a fundraiser for hurricane victims. Well, the final numbers are in, and the Oct. 12 event raised more than $2,800 for the American Red Cross.

“After hearing about the tragedies in places like Puerto Rico, I decided to change my political fundraiser into a fundraiser for the hurricane victims,” Rainey said. “I have family and friends in Puerto Rico. I have never been a selfish person. I don’t do what I do for myself, I do it for others. I think this defines my character.”

Fundraiser in support of hurricane victims set for Thursday evening at the BeanRunner

The event, held at the BeanRunner Cafe, would not have been possible without the help of former Councilman Darren Rigger.

“When I spoke to Darren about the idea, he was all about it,” Rainey said. “I reached out to him because he hosted a lot of my fundraisers in the past. He contacted about everybody he could think of as to where to donate. He has been vital to this.”

Joining Rainey, Rigger and friends in the videos above are Councilwoman Kathie Talbot, Allyson Curtis and Common Council candidates Ramon Fernandez and Vanessa Agudelo.

All proceeds from the event, including auction items, will go to the American Red Cross.